Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Wake up. Walk away.

All those people blabbering about humanity and being civilized are lying to you. The truth is, there are some power hungry people capitalizing on human fear of death, starvation and poverty. The rest are just trying to wrest power from them.  

People come together at posh fests where their primary aim is to impress. Imagine every person in a room with a coupla hundred people simply there to show how "socially responsible" they are. Dripping with diamonds, they ooh and shed a tear as if on cue, to a corporate sponsored line up of celebrities babbling about "issues" with no awareness of the fact that the simple, quiet tribal woman from the jungles of Jharkhand gracefully trying to explain to them that she was NOT anti-state when she asks to be allowed to live her peaceful life because those very same corporate houses are currently bullying and buying and bribing their way into her peoples' jungles. Those very same corporate houses are mining and displacing and mining and starving and mining and killing and mining and pushing thousands of adivasis into non-existence, and if I speak of it, I will be arrested. The public at POsH fest don’t understand this. They're too busy lying on the lush lawns of five star hotels discussing the sadness of poverty, and in the same breath they announce the need for a "calming ciggie". It's ok. At least they pretend they care. Better than those who blatantly don’t give a damn I guess.  

Or is it? Maybe the people who don’t give a damn are honest enough about it. It's easy to criticize them than to accept the hypocrisy of those who pretend to care. 

Sometimes I give myself justifications for peoples' attitudes, cutting them slack. I used to think they might believe. Believe in change. And all that jazz. I kept pretending that the fantastical ideas of "innate humanity" actually exist. The truth is, everyone will be nice, as long as you'll go away. After that we will sit and bitch about you. Haan re, most people are "really nice", but that's because I don’t have to see them every day and have them shove their idiosyncrasies in my face all the time.  

It's the time and age for the hypocrite to survive. They'll smile at you while lying through their teeth. Glib talk while you're convinced  to sign away your land. Or house. Or goat. Or kids. Or life. Anything. Rabble rousing. Morchabaazi. Awesome stuff. Wish you'd do it when no one was watching too. Wish you'd have your articulate answers to everything ready when I ask you for some transparency. When I see you showing your fake concern and pulling your silly little "I'm-superman-and-I'm-gonna-save-the-world" stunts, I just think "Blah Blah…Blah Blah Blah". 

I don’t believe anymore. I don’t believe in anything you or the media or any other "activist" tells me. None of your shit exists. There is nothing called "change". A leading petitioning site sold itself out for advertising. Haha! Change is just a utopian concept. The only change that makes any sense is money. It's ok to want money. Or more. Everyone has the right to aspire for a better standard of living. It's but natural. People WILL strive to get richer. The rich are the ones who win. The poor simply suffer.

I am completely intolerant of people now. I don't trust anyone, unless they're on some random puppy rescue mission with me. But other than that, mankind will never ever change. I've developed this awesome defence mechanism now. My mind just switches off when you blabber incoherently in front of me, spouting your knowledge and "activist" bent of mind. I find myself scoffing when you say you will "help". My world has changed too fast for me to keep track of. I've woken up. I've realized, this is only the beginning. People are going to get greedier, evil(-er?!).

If you've ever sat out at night, staring at the cold night sky, you will realize how small we are. And how ridiculous it is when we believe that we matter. To anyone. Ever. Not families or anything. But all these ambitious imaginations of letting people find some peace, of bringing to book those thieving politicians is just bullshit. No one actually gives a damn for tribal people living on their own terms in their forests. I tried. It was too hard. Too much to keep track of. Too many missing people. Too many mind numbing "filmy" incidents. Train se gayab ho jaate hai log. Draw a cartoon, you go to jail. Write about some dead dude, go to jail. Trying to believe in change is going to drive me crazy. Everyone is just trying to be safe. Trying not to get in trouble. Coz you don’t know what might happen if you "get in trouble". You might just end up dead.  

A dead "activist" is of no use anyway. Not like activists are much use anyway. You can get degrees to become an activist now-a-days. Activism is no longer about being passionate about something so much so that your entire life is engulfed by it. Today, activism is morchabaazi. You yell into mikes, or spew eloquent about the latest "issue" on the block. You don’t have to go through with it to the end. Just write some blogs man! People will continue dying and disappearing and you can simply update your blog about it. All those "positive" messages you give people - badlav ayega, hum badlav layenge. Jhoot hai.  

Give up, give in. You can't change the world. You will only end up losing all respect for yourself. That is, if you have any left after attempting to be an "activist". To borrow Sumyth's words, "Everyone rises above themselves till they reach their optimum levels of stupidity". These "activists" have reached their peak am thinking. The only thing I can do now is walk away.       

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  1. Dont-walk away ...even if you can make a difference to one life it's worth it.Change takes time.The British ruled us for 200 years-we got our freedom ,didn't we?