Thursday, 24 November 2011

Baffling BBMP and Quick Gun Moron-gun

Hello and welcome back to Dog Blogs and Random Trips! I’m starting today’s doggie topic this way coz I got a grudge against a radio channel that I’m gonna vent about.

A fellow dog lover in Bangalore (Michelle Stewart) wrote in about Radio Indigo who invited someone from Koramangala Citizen Cell. This is the Namma Bengaluru Program with HS Balram hosting aired on the 19th of November, 2011. Anyway, like all good controversy seeking pseudo journalists, HS Balram asked their delightful dog hating guest about the “Great Stray Dog Menace”.

As most of you know, the southern part of India has been going ballistic about these allegedly rabid dogs which are apparently on a baby eating spree. So the wonderful and esteemed BBMP and others (check Voice of Stray Dogs on FB for full updates) have decided that annihilating the dog population in India is the way to solve the world’s problems. One of these panchayats have even got this psycho dude named Moron-gun -- oops! sorry! Murugan... who kills dogs for a fee, there are grotesque photos of him grinning from ear to ear as he holds up terrified dogs. So brave na??
So anyway, getting back to this fantastic radio channel, HS Balram asks their esteemed dog hater about whether the stray dog menace is caused by the BBMP or the animal activists. Guess what the answer was?! Obviously animal activists are a greater menace than the stray dogs themselves right?? They’re a bunch of losers who have nothing better to do than shout/blog themselves hoarse every time an animal is slaughtered, tortured or bludgeoned to death. The awesome BBMP is NOT at fault. Garbage lying around streets is every man’s right and BBMP only does what is right. BBMP appointed NGOs (like all other municipal corporations) to deal with the stray dogs. Instead of giving them leeway to act, BBMP only hindered their work, and have now begun employing private agencies (That’s Murugan btw) to “DEAL” with the dogs. Again, refer to VOSD for fantastic and gruesome photographs!

(A word of advice for BBMP – you wanna start doing some REAL work?? Sterilize people and teach them not to leave their babies lying around. Get them some housing, some jobs, some food maybe?!)  

Coming back to HS Balram and his dog hater – dog hater believes that the dogs are having “Immaculate Conception”.
ROFLMAO!!!!! Seriously?! I thought GODS could do that. Not DOGS. Or wait. Maybe, DOGS are the new GODS coz they do this immaculate stuff right?? So BBMP – ur killing the wrong ones you morons!! Maybe BBMP should be spending more money on education rather than hiring killers. Or at least use Google, man and find out what Immaculate Conception is! Jeez! This government I tell you … can’t do ANYTHING right!!
Dog hater also suggested to listeners that they should stop feeding stray dogs. That’s coz stray dogs, when starving, just go *poof* and disappear in a puff of air. Hey! You didn’t know that? What school did you go to loser?! Like, all BBMP reps know that ok!!

Don’t even get me started on what I think of Radio Indigo. Like all the attention hungry money grabbing media houses which churn out TRASH, Radio Indigo also missed it’s chance to be the good guys and do something RIGHT for a change.  Like this TV channel which covered the bad accident at Friendicoes. Four drunken guys drove through the concrete barricades of a flyover and crashed on to the shelter roof, killed and injured the animals in the shelter. All four idiots lived. Unfortunately! And guess what the TV channel flashed?? A car had a terrible accident and two dogs SAVED their lives! How? By bearing the brunt of that goddamned car? Hindustan Times ran a cover story saying that the police are refuting claims that a dog was killed or others were injured. Oh sorry, I forgot, actually I was hiding in the cage. Who the hell do they think were in cages in an animal shelter?! Sometimes I just can’t understand how frivolous people are with animal lives. Are they fricking toys?? Or bits of paper you can throw into the dustbin?!

I’ll end this on a more positive note though – some people are mad! No no, mad about animals. Donations came pouring into damaged animal shelter and a lot of hate mail is burning the wires to Radio Indigo.

DO your bit and be a Voice for the stray dogs of Bangalore. We need to discourage biased views, especially those which belong to dog haters who don't use Google!!

Please send the same message to these guys at Radio Indigo
K. Sanjay Prabhu,
Managing Director

Trigam Mukherjee,
Public Relations

Suresh Sanyasi,
National Sales Director

Satish Kumar,
Regional Manager - Retail

Shoiab Rafi,
Regional Manager - Corporate

Divya Gowda,
Senior Manager - Digital Media and Communications

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