Thursday, 29 March 2012

It’s Time to Peace out People

I hadn’t hung out with Baga the bitch for a while because she’s become massive and sleeps all day! I think too many people are feeding her. Anyway. So about a week ago, I was chilling outside a friend’s farewell party, staring at the moon, contemplating about change being the only constant in life. Then I heard a soft scrabble of Baga’s oversized toenails on the gravel. My friend had found me. I like to think she sensed the need for silence. For the first time in all these months, she didn’t squawk the leaves down. Seriously, she makes an awful amount of noise, even mewing sounds sometimes!

Watching her quiver in happiness I started thinking of these two people who stated that dogs leave a greater carbon footprint than an SUV. And maybe it is time to eat them. Perhaps they were correct. But we really need to consider our priorities when we read this research. I can’t ever accept such a peculiar suggestion that perhaps it’s time to eat dogs because they are more harmful for the environment than SUVs! Since when did driving around emitting smoke, guzzling fuel, and generally being a road hog become more important than having a pet? Yet, a lot of people seem to be becoming increasingly heartless. Every day there are countless blogs and articles about how insanely cruel people are getting towards animals. It’s time to peace out people.

I’ve almost overcome my terror of lizards. I leave my veranda door open. It comes and goes as it pleases. And it knows I will drop dead if it comes too close, and so, stays far from me, behind the tubelight. I think if I can more or less avoid violence and terror (except when the lizard and I realize the other is chilling in the room at the same time) and pretty much chill in a house with many lizards you know world peace is achievable. 
Something I fail to understand completely is the obsession with machinery, gadgetry, technology – yeah, I know, it’s all very important stuff. But that’s probably why I just don’t get how someone can say, eat dogs, SUVs are more important and useful! The machines are consuming this world. Nope, am not going nuts. I seriously can’t remember the last time I had an uninterrupted conversation because phones keep buzzing. The last time I received a letter from a thoughtful friend was over a year ago. Now she has FaceBook. Even my mom has stopped writing! The last package from home didn’t even have a note in it. Ma, I know you don’t have time, but back in the day, when we couldn’t talk, text, email or FB each other, we would write. I’m not against technology and stuff. Google is my best friend and my phone, my life line. But I really do like spending my Sundays falling asleep on the beach with my phone shoved somewhere outta sight. I’d rather squint at the sea getting sunglass shaped tans on my face.

It’s refreshing to disconnect at times. I spent Holi lost in the mind numbingly gorgeous sunset. With me were people who always enjoy the sensory overload as much as I do. Mists of purple and orange with shreds of pink. 1st-grade-landscape birds pasted into the picture. You know, the little black ‘V’s over blue crayon river snaking below the hills. And the plane that was farting sparkles. And “Last-Shiva-Valley-night-together”. Shiva Valley nights have been iconic. Perfect peace to zone out. Powerful music, and the soothing sea. And a mass of people dancing with their soul. I dislike how the world jostles to remain connected, superior and all-important. Letting go doesn't always have negative connotations. It’s important to have the space to just let yourself be. Shiva Valley has always found me company who is happy to give space. The sense of space is perhaps a part of Goa’s ambience. Everything is easy going. The bungalow gives me the same comfortable feeling as a pair of low slung comfy cotton pants. And I can sputter along on a scooty at 20 kmph so I can pretend I know how to ride. I miss frogs in my loo. Night magnifies spooky sounds. I’d rather have Tyson the wall walking dog trot smartly into my bedroom on Sunday mornings than a massive car somehow stuffed into my parking lot. The next person who tries convincing me that SUVs are more important than dogs, do gimme your car keys. It would be my pleasure to run you over.

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